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Lo-Fi & Illbient

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From PowerFX mastermind and producer Bil Bryant. Elements of hip hop, trip hop, funk and avant garde jazz are included here along with FXs in time, Sci Fi sounds and sound bites to create a totally unique collection of sounds. Organized by groups and tempos, this collection is perfect for those looking to create sound collages with a ruff and twisted urban feel. Featuring innovative and critically acclaimed Illbient pioneer DJ Spooky, and whacKateers il B-1 and djAz this product delves into such unchartered territories as Collage beats, Mad Arab electric tar riffs, looped sound effects, hundreds of tripped out breaks (live and programmed), ill basses from a variety of instruments, and abrasive horn riffs. Lo Fi and Illbient is here for those who need to create havoc.

A brilliant & indispensable collection of avant garde audio mayhem that’s sure to provide unexpected inspiration. LoFi & Illbient provides a gritty, off the wall vibe via a broad array of unique sounds.

Here’s a list of the included material:
2 Horns
Collage Beats
Distorted Guitar
Ethereal Guitar
FX In Time
FX Vocals
Junk Jazz
Mad Arab Guitar
Misc Vocals
Needle & Tape
Sax & Flute FX
Sci Fi FX
Soprano Sax
Sound Collage
Tenor Sax