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World loop spice rack

World Loop Spice Rack

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World Loop Spice Rack contains 1,220 melodic and percussive loops and riffs of authentic ethnic instruments from Africa, Australia, China, India and the Middle East.These acidized wav files are perfect for spicing up any track and is an excellent global sound resource that includes rare and stunning instruments like the Pipa, Rebab, Sarod and Surbahar.

Arabic Percussion: Bendir, Bolone, Darbouka, Karkabou, Rai Percussion ensemble, Tabakai, Takhalt, Zalamit, Frame drum, Dumbek
Indian Percussion: Tabla, Dholak, Bass Dholak, Ganjira, Udu, Mridangram
African Percussion: Djembe, Talking Drum, Log drum, Crash box
Australasian Percussion: Clap Sticks, Monkey drum, Knee drum
World drumset: From West Africa and the Caribbean

African Instruments: Marimba, Mbira, Eygptian Lute, Vocals
Middle Eastern: Kamenche, Rabab, Setar, Tar, Jimbash Saz, Riq
Chinese Instruments: Pipa, Di Zi, Jing Ho (One String Peking Opera Violin), Gu Zheng (Chinese zither), Rehu (string violin)
Indian Instruments: Sarod, Sitar, Surbahar, Pungi, Vocals
Also included: Digeridoo, Charango, Berimbau, Bouzuki