Sound Sets / Bar Band Blues

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Bar Band Blues

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Blues
BPM: 110 BPM

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Bar Band Blues is a 22 loop Sound Set of a rough and tough rock trio blues.

This 22 loop Sound Set is a 12 bar blues progression with multiple parts of guitar, bass and drums playing a swinging, shuffle feel. All guitar and bass loops are complete 12 bars parts and the drum loops are 2 bar grooves. Road House rockin!


Included sounds (click to preview)

110 Bass Blues1 A
110 Bass Blues2 A
110 Bass Blues3 A
110 Bass Blues4 A
110 Bass Blues5 A
110 Bass Blues6 A
110 Bass Blues7 A
110 Drums Blues1
110 Drums Blues2
110 Drums Blues3
110 Drums Blues4
110 Drums Blues5
110 Drums Blues6
110 Drums Blues7
110 Guitar Blues1 A
110 Guitar Blues2 A
110 Guitar Blues3 A
110 Guitar Blues4 A
110 Guitar Blues5 A
110 Guitar Blues6 A
110 Guitar Blues7 A
110 Guitar Blues8 A