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Vocal tech

Vocal Tech

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Genres: DJ Effects

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Vocal Tech is a bizarre set of effects and created vocal sounds. The Vocal Tech Soundset contains 26 vocal FX sounds that include processed and mangled real voices and computer generated “vocals”. Robotronica lives!


Included sounds (click to preview)

FX Vox 54321
FX Vox Annloid
FX Vox BabyTalkBox
FX Vox BotGreetings
FX Vox Bowboing
FX Vox DarkMix
FX Vox DarkVader1
FX Vox DarkVader2
FX Vox Disconnect
FX Vox DontStopVocoder
FX Vox DubYo
FX Vox DuhDuh
FX Vox Error
FX Vox Heliumatic1
FX Vox Heliumatic2
FX Vox Heliumatic3
FX Vox Helloosenate
FX Vox HicLaugh
FX Vox MachineAhh
FX Vox MonkDrunk
FX Vox RobotAnn
FX Vox Spacebot1
FX Vox Spacebot2
FX Vox SystemRobot
FX Vox WarningRobot
FX Vox Werewolf