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Toy n Voice

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Genres: DJ Effects

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Add some twisted sounds of to your next track with Toy n Voice. This soundset contains 27, whacked up sounds of tortured toys and robots. Pop producers beware.


Included sounds (click to preview)

FX BendVox1 TnV
FX BendVox2 TnV
FX BentToy1 TnV
FX BentToy2 TnV
FX BentToy3 TnV
FX BentToy4 TnV
FX BentToy5 TnV
FX CircuitdeathVox TnV
FX ComputerMadness TnV
FX DiabolicVox TnV
FX DroidWorkerVox TnV
FX ElecShockVox TnV
FX HellVox TnV
FX InsaneRobotVox TnV
FX JackedBox TnV
FX KenVox TnV
FX MalFuncVox TnV
FX MissionControl TnV
FX OrganVox1 TnV
FX OrganVox2 TnV
FX PleasureVox TnV
FX ShockVox TnV
FX ShotBend TnV
FX SmurfHorn TnV
FX SpockGun TnV
FX StuckRobotVox TnV
FX WobotVox TnV