Sound Sets / Altered Ambience

140 altered ambience

Altered Ambience

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Electronica, Atmosphere/Environments
BPM: 140 BPM

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Ambient sounds from another world has entered our domain to haunt your tracks. Sinister backdrops and menacing rumbles all perfectly looped to fit your project.


Included sounds (click to preview)

140 FX Pad Ungutted2
140 FX RumblePad
140 FX SonicJetPass
140 FX StressRhythm A
140 FX SuspensePad
140 FX SwingRhodea Db
140 FX SynthProbe Eb
140 FX Synth Chamber Ab Bb
140 FX Synth DriveOn Ab
140 FX Synth HappyGo Db
140 FX Synth Metalz E
140 FX Synth Out Gb
140 FX Synth Sleaze Ab
140 FX Synth Snake Ab
140 FX Synth Spirit B
140 FX Synth Spook Bb
140 FX Synth Where Db
140 FX WindWhip
140 Fx Synth PeakaBoo Eb
140 Synth Bouce Db
140 Synth DarkProg B
140 Synth ElectroShrugg C
140 Synth NastyUpDown Eb