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Old time vocal phrases

Old Time Vocal Phrases

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40 vocal phrases from way, way back in the day. In the public domain this collection has been selected from radio and motion pictures – talkies! Wicked additions to House or Hip Hop tracks. Check them out.


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Vox Battery Trouble
Vox Doctor WhereRU
Vox Dont Have Much Time
Vox Elementary Mathematical
Vox Get Out of Here U
Vox Give My Friend a Drink
Vox I Know Something U Dont
Vox I Forgot
Vox Inside Job
Vox Just like That
Vox Make U Change
Vox My Will
Vox Name n Function
Vox Nothing to be Afraid of
Vox Observations Impossible
Vox Opened Minded
Vox Personal Question
Vox Photgragh ofthe subconscious
Vox PowerHouse
Vox Practically There
Vox Romatic Adventure
Vox Said She Heard Music
Vox Saturday
Vox Somebody Must Love Him
Vox SonOfaGun
Vox Take Us Tothe House
Vox Talking Radio
Vox Thank Ur Luckystars
Vox There it Goes
Vox U Dont Understand
Vox Vitamins Minerals
Vox Want 2 get away
Vox What UR getting Into
Vox What Happen
Vox Where Do U Get Your Ideas
Vox Where U Get Out
Vox Who R U wada U want
Vox Wireless Photography
Vox You I Everbody Else
Vox wana Buy a Pearl