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65 floatin rnb

Floatin RnB

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Hip Hop/Urban

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The Floatin RnB soundset is jam packed with 37 loops of smooth and funky RnB. Lots of beats, beat stems, synths, basses and FXs loops to use in a variety of situations. Great to use as a half time groove in a 130bpm track – just float-in.


Included sounds (click to preview)

65 Synth TranceChior FRB Dm
65 Synth Theramin FRB Dm
65 Synth Strings FRB Dm
65 Synth StackLead FRB Dm
65 Synth SawWave FRB Dm
65 Synth MiniSaw FRB Dm
65 Synth Lo Cute FRB Dm
65 Synth LightYearsPad FRB Dm
65 Synth JazzyChills FRB Dm
65 Synth Jagged FRB Dm
65 Synth FX Hit FRB Dm
65 Synth BuzzLead Dm
65 Synth Angel FRB Dm
65 Strings Tremelo FRB Dm
65 Snare Stem FRB
65 Percussion Bell Stem FRB
65 Perc Lo Bongo
65 Kick Stem FRB
65 Kick Reverse Stem FRB
65 Hi Hat Stem2 FRB
65 Hi Hat Stem1 FRB
65 Gong Stem FRB
65 FX Stem UpEnd FRB
65 FX Raindrop FRB
65 FX Raindrop Echo FRB
65 Drum Fill FRB
65 Clap Stem FRB
65 Beat Snare FRB
65 Beat Doubletime FRB
65 Beat 4 FRB
65 Beat 3 FRB
65 Beat 2 FRB
65 Beat 1 FRB
65 Bass Synth FRB Dm
65 Bass Synth Blab FRB Dm
65 Bass SynthBeavis FRB Dm