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Slo Jam RnB

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Hip Hop/Urban
BPM: 110 BPM

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SloJam RnB contains lots of love, with 43 sound files of beats, synths, percussion and vocals of smooth and silky romantism.


Included sounds (click to preview)

110 Bass SubSynth SloJam D
110 Beat Edizon1 SloJam
110 Beat Edizon2 SloJam
110 Beat Secretz SloJam
110 Clap Stem SloJam
110 Congas Echo SloJam
110 Cymbal Crash Stem RnB
110 HiHat Stem SloJam
110 Kick Stem SloJam
110 Perc Breath SloJam
110 Perc ClickClap SloJam
110 Perc Shaker SloJam
110 Perc Sleighbell SloJam
110 Percu Woodblock SloJam
110 Piano SloJam D
110 Rim Stem SloJam
110 Snare Stem SloJam
110 Strings Crescendo SJ D
110 Synth Lead SloJam D
110 Synth NordLead SloJam D
110 Synth Pluck SloJam D
110 Synth Pulsating SloJam D
110 Synth SawPad SloJam D
110 Synth Strings SloJam D
110 Toms Stem SloJam
FX Breath Echo SloJam
Vox 3Yeahs2 SloJam
Vox 3Yeahs SloJam
Vox AhhYah Val
Vox Babyee SloJam
Vox ComeOnBaby Val
Vox Female Choir Ohh D
Vox HeyEEYeahyeah
Vox IGotSoMuch SloJam
Vox LoYeah SloJam
Vox OOEEE SloJaml
Vox OhhOhhwee SloJam
Vox OhhYeahYeah Val
Vox SoMuchLove SloJam
Vox Who EE SloJam
Vox WhoEE SloJaml
Vox Woow WoowYehAhy SloJam
Vox Woow EE SloJam