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70 breeze


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Genres: Hip Hop/Urban

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Breeze is the 29 loop soundset from producer Al Sween with a downtempo, anthem vibe of beats, basses, synths, FXs and groove. Check the strong, COOL breeze.


Included sounds (click to preview)

70 Bass Breeze1 Bm
70 Bass Breeze2 Bm
70 Beat Breeze X1
70 Beat Breeze X2
70 Beat Breeze X3
70 Bongos Breeze
70 Breath Chant Breeze Bm
70 Cymbal Reverse Stem
70 FX Drop Stem Bm
70 FX Noise Line Breeze Bm
70 FX Stem Riser Breeze Bm
70 HiHat Stem 1 Breeze
70 Kick Stem 808Tuned Bm
70 Kick Stem Breeze
70 Orchestra Hit BassLine Bm
70 Piano Breeze Bm
70 Snare Stem 1 Breeze
70 Snare Stem 2 Breeze
70 String Stem Crescendo Bm
70 Strings Flanged Breeze Bm
70 Synth Bell Melody Bm
70 Synth Harp Breeze Bm
70 Synth Lead Breeze Bm
70 Synth MusicBox Breeze Bm
70 Synth Pad Breeze Bm
70 Synth Pizzicato Breeze Bm
70 Theramin Breeze Bm
70 Tubular Bell Breeze Bm
70 Windchime Breeze Bm