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Guitar riff raff sample pack

Guitar Riff Raff

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Genres: Rock

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Guitar Riff Raff contains 89 guitar leads, riffs, rhythms, feedback and whammy FXs files. All rocking with attitude! Includes some looped and bpmed rhythms, short, emphatic leads, grungey sounds, bluesy riffs, attention grabbing licks played by a variety of guitarists with different guitars and amps. Guitar Riff Raff can be used for a variety of uses and settings when a ripping guitar part in neccessary. Hair spray not included.


Included sounds (click to preview)

100 GuitarChord E 2bars
100 GuitarRiff E 2 2bars
100 GuitarRiff E 2 4bars
100 GuitarRiff E 4 2bars
100 Guitar Lead 1 4bars E
100 Guitar Lead 2 4bars E
100 Guitar Rhythm 1 2bars E
100 Guitar Rhythm 3 2bars E
100 Guitar Rock Lead GRR A
106 Guitar CrunchPower G
106 Guitar Riffhard C
110 Guitar D Gbm Bb Gbm
110 Guitar Gbm Ab A Db A
110 Guitar Madness Riff
110 Guitar SingleNotes B D
110 Guitar StraightChugg MONo F
115 Guitar Lead BluesRock C
126 Guitar Gb5 A5 E5 B5
126 Guitar Gb5 E5 B5 A5
126 Guitar Singlenote E Gb
130 Guitar A5 G5 D5 F5 G5
130 Guitar Lead Riff Dbm
130 Guitar ReadyRiff G
130 Guitar Slinga Riff C
140 Guitar GGodsRiff 1 D
140 Guitar GGodsRiff 2 D
140 Guitar Rock1 MS D
140 Guitar Rock2 MS D
140 Guitar Rock3 MS D
140 Guitar Rock4 MS D
155 Guitar RhythmRiff E
75 Guitar Rock MS C
75 Guitar Rock MS Db
79 Guitar 80teeze A
80 Guitar Chompin G
80 Guitar Crunch Rhythm F
80 Guitar Dark Csharp
80 Guitar Rhythm n Riff D
80 Guitar Rhythn Slide D
80 Guitar Riding D
80 Guitar RiffinOut D
80 Guitar Rock1 MS G
80 Guitar Rock2 MS Db
80 Guitar Rock2 MS G
80 Guitar Rock3 MS D
80 Guitar Rock3 MS Db
80 Guitar Rock4 MS D
80 Guitar Rock5 MS D
80 Guitar Rock MS D
80 Guitar Rock MS Db
80 Guitar Rock MS F
82 Guitar RuanchyChords C
90 Guitar Ozik Riff Csharp
90 Guitar Tung Riff Csharp
93 Guitar Axe Rhythm D
95 Guitar EscapeRiff Csharp
97 Guitar Arepeggio Em C D
97 Guitar Chord LongFade Em
FX Guitar Feedback
FX Guitar StringScrapeSlide F
FX Guitar WhamBend
FX Guitar Whamback
FX Guitar WhamnHold
Riff Guitar AlertLead F
Riff Guitar BluesWalk C
Riff Guitar Bluesy1 C
Riff Guitar Bluesy1 E
Riff Guitar Bluesy2 E
Riff Guitar Bluesy A
Riff Guitar DownChugg A
Riff Guitar DownnDark C
Riff Guitar HardBend F
Riff Guitar Harmonic Tune F
Riff Guitar Hoochy C
Riff Guitar LeadBR1 C
Riff Guitar LeadBR2 C
Riff Guitar LeadBR B
Riff Guitar Lead BBB E
Riff Guitar Lead inFace D
Riff Guitar Note bend GRR
Riff Guitar NoteBend C D
Riff Guitar NoteBend C G
Riff Guitar OToneFX C
Riff Guitar Slide Downhill E
Riff Guitar SpeedLick G
Riff Guitar Tension Lick C
Riff Guitar Thor2
Riff Guitar Thor C
Riff Lead BlueScream C