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Noisedubsradio sfx pack

Noise, Dubs & Radiophonix

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Genres: DJ Effects

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Noise Dubs & Radiophonix is a massive 80 sound file pack containing dubified impacts, old time radio vocals, ambient collages, echoing blips, bleeps and sonic creeps. Check the demo to see if you need some sonic inspiration with this innovative pack.


Included sounds (click to preview)

120 FX ElectroBlast
120 Vox Sequencer Talk RA
130 FX ElectroCartoonHits
130 FX GameWar
130 FX ToneShots RA
80 Beat Collage Spookhouse
80 Beat Crisp Collage
FX Ana Rub RA
FX Analog Tape Delayered
FX Angel Drone RA
FX Angry Hornets RA
FX Blip 1 RA
FX Blip 2 RA
FX Broadcast RA
FX Chopped Air RA
FX Collage Whirl Chopper
FX CricketTransmission RA
FX DJ Blasthit
FX DeepHit Ambient
FX ElectroBlast RA
FX Engine Laugh RA
FX Geebies Gremlins RA
FX Grimer 3
FX Illbient Echo RA
FX Ion Scratch
FX MachineBubble RA
FX NightHowlr
FX OTRadio Suspense
FX PercGine RA
FX Radio Music Intro
FX Reverse Kaos RA
FX Smack DubRing RA
FX Snare Delayed 1
FX Snare Delayed 2
FX Sonar Pulse RA
FX Sonic Nasuea RA
FX Synthpad Trip 9 RA
FX TapeRockHit RA
FX Tape Analog FFW Stop
FX Tape Drop RA
FX Tape SlopDrops
FX TransCopter RA
FX Vinyl 1 RA
FX Vinyl 2 RA
FX Vinyl Clickers
FX Vox ChipDalez1
FX Vox ChipDalez2
FX Vox ChipMonks TopPop
FX Vox ChipMonks in Space
FX Vox Doom
FX Vox Druuuum
FX Wharble Hit
FX WickWhipet RA
FX Yeoh HitVerb
FX Yo Panarama RA
Fx Tape Dub Hit RA
Vox And Now RA
Vox Attention Please FX RA
Vox Chip Munk Laugh RA
Vox Cutz
Vox Du Dub FX RA
Vox Emission Sequence Start
Vox Exploring Tomorrow
Vox FX 4 Real Dub
Vox Groitify RA
Vox Journey Thru Sound
Vox Knew About Music RA
Vox Looking For Her RA
Vox Martian Queen FX RA
Vox Music Human Beings RA
Vox New Era Bbm RA
Vox OTRadio Lo Terrifi
Vox Quite Please1 RA
Vox Robot Intel Unit
Vox She Left First
Vox Sound Journey FX RA
Vox U Construct
Vox Understand TheMusic RA
Vox You I Everbody Else