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Nu urban cinematica

Nu Urban Cinematica

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Genres: Hip Hop/Urban

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Nu Urban Cinematica contains 80 sound files of modern, downtempo hip hop. Basses, synths, beats, beat stems, percusion, FXs, and vocal snippets. BPM-ed at 65 and 70 there is some excellent dark and spooky inspiration here while still keeping it grooving!


Included sounds (click to preview)

65 Bass AdVoca NUC Fm
65 Bass BigButtom NUC Fm
65 Bass ClickSub NUC Fm
65 Bass Dark NUC Fm
65 Bass NeoAcid NUC Fm
65 Bass Solid NUC Fm
65 Bass Sync NUC Fm
65 Bass TranceMaster NUC Fm
65 Bass TronX NUC Fm
65 Bass UTrance NUC Fm
65 Bass Zombie NUC Fm
65 Beat Babble NUC
65 Beat BizzyBlocks NUC
65 Beat Bossa1 NUC
65 Beat Buzzard NUC
65 Beat SpazzFoot NUC
65 Clap Stem Heavy
65 Clave 808 Heavy
65 Conga Digital Heavy
65 FX Stem Heavy Dm
65 FX String Pizzicato Dm
65 HiHat Stem1 Heavy
65 HiHat Stem2 Heavy
65 HiHat Stem3 Heavy
65 Hi Hat Stem 2 NUC
65 Kick Stem 808 D minor
65 Kick Stem Heavy
65 PianoElectric Heavy Dm
65 Piano Heavy Dm
65 Snare Stem1 Heavy
65 Snare Stem2 Heavy
65 Snare Stem 2 NUC
65 Synth Arp Heavy Dm
65 Synth Basspad NUC Fm
65 Synth Brass Heavy Dm
65 Synth Harp Heavy Dm
65 Synth Lead Heavy Dm
65 Synth Pad Heavy Dm
65 Synth Raw NUC Dm
65 Synth Stabs Heavy Dm
65 Synth StringFX Heavy Dm
65 Synth Xylo Heavy Dm
65 Toms Stem Heavy
70 Beat 3card NUC
70 Beat Ballad NUC
70 Beat GroovINN 1 NUC
70 Beat Indujugle NUC
70 Beat Jumpz NUC
70 Beat TinSoldier NUC
70 Beat Tinder NUC
70 Breat GrooveINN 2 NUC
70 Choir Synth NUC Dm
70 Clap Stem NUC
70 FX Beat Trppr NUC
70 FX Perc Noise NUC
70 FX Stem Chopper NUC
70 HiHat Stem NUC
70 Kick Stem808 NUCr
70 Kick Stem NUC
70 Perc Log NUC
70 Piano NUC Dm
70 Snare Stem NUC
70 Snare Stem Roll NUC
70 Stab Orchestra NUC Dm
70 Synth Arp NUC Dm
70 Synth Brass NUC Dm
70 Synth MarcatoStrings Dm
70 Synth Panner NUC Dm
70 Synth Pizzicato NUC Dm
70 Synth WhistleLead NUC Dm
70 Trumpet Trombone NUC Dm
FX AirStormNUC
FX Flutter SynH NUC
FX eAlert NUC
Vox Huhecho
Vox Just Like A Crown
Vox OK
Vox SnappinNChattin
Vox This Here
Vox To The Back